CW Skimmer experiments

Testing a Soft66RTL3 from Japan, basically a RTL SDR with a preamp, selectable band pass filters, and an up converter. It’s the little black box after the power injector for the active loop. 

The magic ingredient is the software on the raspberry pi, rtl_hpsdr written by N1GP, which makes up to 7 RTL devices look like a Hermes receiver. This then in turns allows skimmer server to be used which is optimised for multiband and low cpu usage. It runs with almost no cpu utilitistion in a virtualised Windows 10 environment, covering 192khz on 40m.

Seems to work, though I seem 15-20dB off VK4CT with the loop. Still working on calibrating it and ensuring it’s stable, though so far it looks good.

I also have a direct sampling RTL kit to finish to perform comparisons and the run two bands at once.

Another neat thing is with another dll, I might be able to run a websdr at the same time. Probably easier and better just to buy an elan receiver, but this is fun.

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