Squid pole bag

I spent 2 hours on my sisters sewing machine to make a bag for the 7m squid pole that will be more flexible in mounting arrangements on backpacks, especially my 30L day pack. None of the squid pole bags seem to ever have loops.

Designed also to allow the pole to sit below the pack a bit.   

Made from 210D nylon (same as the pack I believe), webbing and fixtures from Tiergear. My sewing skills after almost 30 years leave something to be desired, but as a first effort/prototype it will do. Still need to trim threads etc.

Leg clearance is almost right, probably should put the pole slightly higher.


The edging was a major pain, couldn’t easily pin it with what I had on hand so it got out of place a few times! 
Now to see if it’s strong enough. I suspect it will outlive the pole. At least the top cap for the pole will stop falling out.

Now to build one for the short & light travel pole, which will work with ice axe loops on many packs

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