Mt Kosciuszko – VK2/SM-001

A bit behind on everything, but snuck in a quick activation of this. Creeping delays added up and then half an hour of Christmas phone calls at the summit didn’t leave much time. Had 1:45 mins to make the last chair, did the descent in 1:15, leaving enough time for a coffee.

Minimalist setup due to packing volumes and the FT-817 has a question mark after the lightning strike on The Nobs.

Everything including the MTR-3b (hidden) fits in the black case (except the logbook, and of course the squidpole – that would be silly).
SW side of the summit, a bit down from the track.

Despite practicing CW the last week in comfortable hotel rooms, it was a bit of a mess on the summit. Freezing wind from the south together with blow flies would be the handy excuse, but it’s more likely it’s just me and lack of continuous practice, though for the most part receiving was fine. Tried reducing Keyer speed but that only made matters worse, so put it back up. Apologies to those who worked me, and anyone listening! New Years resolution is clear.

A couple of contacts on 40 and 2 ZLs on 20. Not great reports (339,229,429) but unsurprising given the quick setup and location. No responses on 2m.

UPDATE: btw driving C608/Barry Way was a bit of an eye opener. That’s an interesting drive to put it mildly. Hurt more than a little to drive past Mt Seldom Seen without stopping. Really heavy fire damage in places. Fun chat with the police at the checkpoint earlier. Don’t think they’d seen much traffic, we didn’t see any cars beyond that point.

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