Comms gear in Esperance Museum

Cape Le Grande NP

Intentions to activate summits on the drive over to WA were thwarted by the ridiculous heat and associated fire danger. In any case I was too tired and the delay due to the Eyre Highway being closed meant I just wanted to push through to meet the family.

Arrived in Esperance to find the nearby national park had been evacuated that day due to new bushfires.

It reopened today so we jumped at the opportunity and took the 20km beach run along Wylie Beach to the park. Sections are so good you can easily do 60km/h, but there are some short softer and rutted parts.

We came awfully close to the (contained) fires and crews dealing with them.

May have a look at VK6/SG-010 tomorrow.

New addition to the work bench

Or floor…

Possibly the most popular cheap but good/excellent quality 3D printer right now. Decent build area of 220×220, a big community, and compatibility with common components. Hotend needs upgrading to allow more interesting materials, but already started on the knobs for the mcHF UI board, currently being interfaced with my old SoftRock RXTX 6.3.

Funny how 3D prints look better in real life than magnified on a screen – the layers above are 0.12mm and barely noticeable to the naked eye.

Only PLA at the moment so no leaving in hot cars or operating in WA, but at least it’s usable and will allow me to rework Chris M0NKA’s original front panel for my purposes.

LimeSDR Mini

Finally finished putting the finishing touches on my limesdr mini, namely a 3D printer enclosure and a fan. I went with the quietest fan possible which unfortunately meant 10mm thick so it looks a bit excessive…

Longer term this opens up lightweight options for 2.4 and 3.4Ghz

SOTA station storage

I’ve been inactive for so long so it makes sense that the most streamlined part of my station is the storage…

Recently repacked after yesterday’s activation of Federation Range:

In there is everything required except for a squidpole and batteries.

  • FT-817
  • MTR3b with single lever palm key.
  • Decent whip for the H/H
  • Charger and various cables including crocodile clips
  • ATU
  • 88ft doublet
  • 3 band trapped EFHW plus matching unit.
  • 20m GP
  • Multi-band homebrew (ARRL home brew comp design) 80-20m amp
  • 10m 1/2 wave vertical
  • Various lengths of rg-174/rg-58 coax
  • Miscellaneous bits like pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, leatherman like tool, straps and lengths of cord.

80m station complete(-ly untested)

On a whim I bought the QCX kit for 80m thinking to compliment the 40-30-20 MTR. The only problem was antennas. My goto choice up until now has been an EFHW of some kind which gives adequate performance in a small light package. Rebuilding for 80m was one option but more sacrifices would need to be made than I was happy with.

I settled on a 88ft Doublet fed with some of the very light 300ohm tv line I also bought 6 years ago during a clearance sale thinking it might come in usual one day. Idea of using a pool noodle as the winder came from KK4NQQ on the Sota reflector

The ZM-2 was a Christmas present to myself.

All put together in time for the Mt Hotham weekend…

I/AA-039, I/AA-053

I researched the summit possibilities in the area we were staying for New Years and quickly packed the MTR away in the cupboard… no no and no… it’s pretty much all like the the following:

Piz Boe I/AA-341 on the left hand side below, might be easily accessible in summer with a hike from the cable car (behind). Activated 8 times.